Saving Money on Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are a great way to get the look of rich, full hair in a variety of different styles. The process of going into a hair salon, purchasing bundles of hair, and having the hair weaved into one’s own hair can be very expensive. The hair is attached close to the scalp so it will be almost invisible, and needs to be taken out and redone every few months, depending how fast a client’s own hair grows. The hair is expensive, the service is time consuming and expensive, and the maintenance appointments are expensive. Add the cost of hair products to maintain the look and shine between appointments, and the total cost can be overwhelming.

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There are a few ways to save money on weaves and still have a great looking hairstyle. One way is to purchase hair bundles online. The bundles are less expensive because customers are purchasing hair from the supplier, and avoiding a third party mark-up in pricing. Be careful when selecting hair because it comes in different qualities. Human hair provides the best look and feel, but synthetic hair initially costs less. Some salons will happily weave bundles not purchased at their location, and others will not. Check with a few salons and find one that will allow customers to bring in hair for weaves.

Another way is to select a type of hair that will cost less in the long run. Peruvian human hair, for example, is very thick and coarser than other types. That means less bundles are needed for a full look. Most hair requires three or four bundles, depending on the length and the style, but Peruvian hair will provide the same fullness with only two or three bundles. That will save a great deal of money.

Most hair types require extra styling products to maintain the look. Wavy and curly styles require curl definers, some straight styles require spray-on conditioners to resist frizzing or splitting at the ends. Consider a malaysian weave because that type of hair holds a look without the need for spending money on styling products. The hair is thick and wavy naturally, so malaysian weaves look great with minimal care. Washing it, keeping it twisted or braided at night, and using a satin cap for sleeping will retain moisture.